Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Musical Event with a Not So Happy Ending

I bought a ticket to see Adele months ago. This was before her latest record had come out, and before she became huge in the U.S. So now the date of the gig is approaching, Sunday, the day before Memorial Day and we are in the thick of our move cleaning the old place and unpacking at the new and I’m exhausted. But I get ready to go anyway to this sold out show thinking maybe this is the break I need. As I’m walking to the arena, this homeless guy yells out to me, “Hey are you going to that concert? It’s cancelled!” I keep walking, see the tour buses outside the arena, and then…see the signs stating that the show is cancelled and will be rescheduled at a later date. People are standing around telling their tales, “I flew here just for this show”, etc. I think back to the homeless guy. Wow, he’s having a little bit of fun raining on our parade tonight, and I laugh.

Well, I will be entertained tonight, so I dial A, tell her that the show is cancelled, and ask her if she wants to go see Bridesmaids.

So now Adele has cancelled the rest of her whole North American Tour and the reports in the press today say they're "investigating" rescheduling.  She not only sold out all the dates, but they even upgraded the venues in some cities like San Francisco. 

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