Saturday, May 14, 2011

Movin on Down

.We’re moving at the end of the month.  We’ve bought a house in the next town south and I say we’re moving down because we won’t have our beautiful view of the lights and mountains anymore.  I’m not the only one who will miss it. 

 Yes I’m excited about having our own place, but I need to get past the actual moving to appreciate it.  Funny when we moved into this place, I loved the fact that it was decorated because I wasn’t born with that gene.  The longer we’re here, the more I feel that décor closing in on me.  It all feels cluttered.  Does anyone really need a lasso in their bathroom with a picture hanging in the middle?  I’m here to tell you, it’s difficult to dust rope.

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Beth said...

Let me know if you need help, I need an excuse to come to Utah.