Saturday, April 30, 2011

Migration to Utah

This week it’s been a year since we moved to Utah.  I can hardly believe it.  I might write another reflective post but right now in the spirit of Utah and their Pioneer Days in July where they reenact that great move to Utah, I think this family might need to reenact our migration.  It would require an Icelandic volcano and a 10 x 10 British hotel room, the same clothes for about 30 hours, several F bombs in the Denver airport while wading through the security line once again, A delirious from lack of sleep deciding as we eat horrible airport pizza that we don’t love her anymore, and our bags beating us to the SLC airport.  Would people line the streets to watch that reenactment in parade form as they do in July?  I think not, but only now is it truly making me laugh as it didn’t when it was happening.

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