Sunday, April 3, 2011

Looking at Houses

We’ve probably looked at about 15 houses now and drawn a few conclusions. To live as close as we currently do to A’s school and be in our price range we’d have to buy a house that needs about $20-50K’s worth of repairs. We’re not in the mood. We have started working with an agent that we met in the process. Interesting fact, he says right now the private sellers are having a difficult time competing with the bank owned properties on the market. The private sellers can’t drop their prices usually because they can’t afford to lose what they’ve put into a house.

In our search yesterday we looked at a house obviously owned by someone older who has passed. A & I had a good laugh with the agent looking at these curtains. He said he’s sure he had those in his bedroom growing up, in fact he thinks his mom made him a neckerchief out of that material.

I’d be tempted to put an offer in ONLY if this painting was part of the sale. Now the house is completely empty but they leave this painting up in the living room. What a lady, huh? Looks like she’s wearing a negligee with floral accents and that signature in the corner of the painting makes it look like mom’s hiding an upper arm tattoo under the gauziness of the nightgown.

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Anonymous said...

You should have put in a bid just for the painting. That is awesome! - Margaret