Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sundance - Theatre Training

Volunteer check-in done, theatre training done, now it’s time to see some films before I start my shifts.  I’m working at the Temple Theatre which is out of the main thoroughfare in Park City so everyone has to take a shuttle to the venue.  I’ve never noticed it on the side of the road before but I’ve been passing it every time I come into Park City.  Why is the Temple Theatre named as such?  Because the theatre’s “day job” is as the Temple Har Shalom.  The temple is three years old and during the tour we were told that when it was constructed, they collaborated on the design with Sundance so it could be used as a venue.  As we were sitting in stadium style seating in the theatre we were told that this was the same place that services were held.  It’s a beautiful building.  The films that are shown at this venue are all documentaries this time around.

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