Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sundance - Saturday on Main Street

This probably won’t go down as my fave Sundance day. A got home late last night from a friend’s house so we didn’t have time to sit down and look to see if there was a film today she’d be interested in seeing, and so she just wanted to go and walk along Main Street. I woke up out of sorts but bundled up and got ready to go after morning errands. SLC = Sunny, Park City = Quite Different.

When we got on Main Street immediately we saw Peter Dinkalage and Bobby Cannavale catching up with each other. If you haven’t seen The Station Agent which they are both in with one of my favorites, Patricia Clarkson, definitely put it on your list. Just a few steps away we saw Paddy Considine. After that and the snow starting to really pick up, I would have been fine heading home. We walked around a bit longer, saw some of our favorite buskers from Salt Lake, and then headed out. I was concerned with the snow coming down we’d be delayed getting home but again, SLC = Sunny and we were amazed at how different the climate was when we returned.

Took a quick shot of Bobby and Peter

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