Friday, January 28, 2011

Interesting Perspective

And I mean interesting the way the word "breathtaking" was thrown around on Seinfeld to describe that ugly baby.  I was waiting in line on Monday to get into a press and industry screening of a film called Little Birds because I missed seeing an audience screening when someone in line started talking to me. She was a tiny blonde woman who also wanted to see the film. It was an odd conversation because without asking me anything about me she started grousing about the fact that it used to be the people that volunteered for Sundance were all aspiring or acting filmmakers, writers, or actors. Now as she’s standing there talking to volunteers, she finds out they are opthamologists or secretaries and what’s the point of talking to them at Sundance, when she can talk to them any time. I thought to myself, should I tell her right now not to bother with her next statement or question since I’m the riff raff? She didn’t win me over anymore when she told me she’d gone to the premiere of Being Elmo and said she felt like she’d had “treacle poured over her” with an eye roll. As one of the Sundance programmers said when introducing Being Elmo, if you don’t like this film you must have come into this world as an adult and never been a kid. After listening to this woman, it should be added or you insist on carrying your European sensibility to that jaded level that grates on American nerves.

I actually didn’t mind that there were no spots available for the film so I could walk away and not be talked at anymore.

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