Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Perfect Gift

We make a quick dash into one of those stores that advertise 60% off department store prices to see if they have some oversized coffee mugs.  Walk in the door and it looks like a bomb went off inside.  You have to look through a lot of crap to find the hidden jewels in that store and it looked like all the jewels were gone and no one had been kind in tossing the crap aside to find them.  All that seemed to be left was expired tins of European biscuits and opened bottles of scented lotions.  Eureka!  We found an acceptable mug and headed to the returns counter which looked to be checking people out and had the shortest line.  As we stood there buying the mug one of the employees got on the mic and announced something to this effect, “Please stop by any of our registers to pick up a gift card for that special person on your list.  If you’re still looking for that perfect gift, you’ve run out of time”. 

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