Wednesday, December 29, 2010


When adding up the number of states she’s visited, my friend L stipulates that you must sleep in a state for it to count. I think just having a meal in a state should suffice, and if you count A and I eating a bag of Smartfood popcorn in a gas station as H buys a lottery ticket, then we’ve been to Idaho! There seems to be nothing to do in Idaho besides the lottery. When we walked in there a guy was in line buying 100 scratch tickets and the line was pretty long. It was a spur of the moment drive up and if we were ever to go to Idaho again, it’s pretty obvious you’ve got to get kind of deep into the state to find life.

It was pretty cold today. As we drove up we passed a Nissan pickup truck that had two dogs in the back and I was feeling pretty bad for them. When we passed the truck, I said to H that the driver looked like the guy on Mythbusters. He was wearing a beret and had one of those walrus mustaches and smiled when I passed. H’s response was, “Maybe he was trying to bust the myth that dogs won’t freeze solid in the back of a pickup truck in winter”.

Here’s a picture of Idaho. Funny we left beautiful sunny blue skies in Utah and got up north and it was white all around.

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