Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Billboard

I pass this billboard every morning. It’s a billboard that marks the dividing line between Salt Lake County and Utah County and it references Utah County. It's an advertisement for a clothing company called Mod Bod and it reads "Now Entering ModBod Country".  It bothers me for a few reasons.

1. It’s self-righteous isn’t it? Is it implying that no one in Salt Lake County dresses modestly? And is dressing modestly an indicator of someone’s good morals?

2. What I’d love to do is take some of these clothes that these stores sell and tart them up. Something tells me if you buy something in a small enough size it’s no longer modest.

3. My friend M and I were discussing these women you see that go to church and wear piles o' makeup and trampy clothes. She jokingly calls them church whores. I guess they’re keeping Mary Magdalene’s spirit alive.

4. Ingenious as well though and an example of another cottage industry based around religious beliefs. Does that kind of sully the profits?

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