Saturday, December 11, 2010


I obviously carried back in my checked luggage from England some realism sprinkled with sarcasm.  Is it a Utah thing, a western thing, I won’t try to decide but there is this positivity that goes on to insincerity here that occasionally drives me crazy.  Here’s an example, I was recently in my office focused on a spreadsheet when someone I rarely work with came into my office asking me for some documentation.  Whenever I talk to this person they’re super friendly but also seem to be on auto-pilot.  I occasionally would like to throw into my answer when he asks me a question, “Yes this weekend I performed a satanic ritual” just to see if he’d notice.  As I was asking him some questions about what he needed and trying to determine if I had it, he was getting antsy that I wasn’t delivery quickly and said something like, “I’ll look elsewhere, thanks you’re awesome”.  I seriously wanted to chase him down and force him to admit that he left my office with no more information than he had when he arrived so clearly I was not awesome.  Instead I let it pass, realized I did have something that would work for him and sent him an email.  I was told once again how awesome I was. 
Seriously, I can give you a list of people who you can contact.  I really am not.

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