Saturday, November 27, 2010

Vibrant Ginger

I love this photograph. A was laying down on the floor, feeling low energy and Sebastian wanted a cuddle. I love his little paw on her shoulder. I also haven’t posted any pics of A’s hair since she got it coloured in the summer. In England her girl’s grammar school was very strict about makeup, haircolour, and jewelry. A had a friend that would push the boundaries of the hair colour rules but we strictly forbade it. We didn’t think she needed to give her teachers any reason to dislike her since her attitude took care of that all on her own. But I swear every other week I’d be driving her to school as she’d have herself a rant on how her school was denying her her individuality, which I would respond with, “Exactly, that’s the whole point!”

Years ago I worked with a woman who had a lot of children and I always appreciated her thoughts on motherhood. She told me once that as long as her kids were getting good grades, they could do whatever they wanted with their hair. Hair grows back so no matter what, the damage is temporary. I agree, and if I could get away with it, I’d probably have purple hair myself. So coming back to the States, one of the first things that A wanted to do was colour her hair. We did it at home but the colour wasn’t as vibrant as she wanted. I told her I’d make her an appointment at a salon but she had to pay for that herself with her allowance. When I called the salon to make the appointment the assistant started asking me additional questions about what colour A wanted and I told her, not sure what she’s going to want but it won’t be a colour found in nature. Her response was, ‘’Huh?” I had to explain that this was a teenager wanting to rebel with her hair.

So four hours later, voila, fire engine red. It suits her much to H’s dislike.

A few weeks ago we were walking into a store when one of the employees said to me, “How’d you pull up a redhead like that?” I had to explain to him that it wasn’t natural. As we walked away, A repeated what he said and then added, “He makes me sound like a carrot”.

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