Saturday, November 13, 2010

State Capitol Building

A few Sundays ago A had to be downtown for an extra credit school event. I thought I would drop by the Utah Tourism Office close to the state capitol to pick up a few brochures and while I was in there, it was actually very busy, the volunteer mentioned that the Capitol building was open on Sundays. I’ve never been in the building, just up to it with some of our out of town guests. In fact, when the Brits were here, it was dark when we drove past and it was lit up beautifully. In one of my ill-fated turn arounds, I actually ended up driving where I don’t think a car is supposed to be, like right up to the side steps. The lack of security and my ability to do this was unbelievable to them. I was thinking about this that Sunday when I walked into a completely empty building with no security. It was more than a bit creepy. The rotunda is beautiful as you can see. The basement contains lots of great information about Utah’s bid for statehood and the polygamy issue.

In these parts I imagine Brigham Young has almost a messianic aura but the light in the building hitting his statue made it seem like he was bringing the apocalypse. Again, very creepy.

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