Monday, November 22, 2010

Sometimes Trouble Knocks at the Front Door

Last night A and I went out to Best Buy in the early evening so I could salivate over a new camera and the weather at that time was starting to get nasty. Around 10pm, I was fully entrenched on the couch with a glass of wine watching telly and enjoying the fire with the snow falling heavy at this point. We heard someone in a car struggling outside to get somewhere, revving the engine very high. The roads weren’t plowed and it looked pretty nasty. I would have sat there continuing to be oblivious though but H walked into the room and started looking out the window. By the time I got up this car was in our yard and looking like from the kitchen he was planning to hit our house. All I could figure was he kept pulling into driveways trying to get a running start to get up the hill. His last effort left him firmly in the middle of our yard. He proceeded to get out of his car like he was leaving it here which made H open the door and tell him he didn’t know what he was doing but he needed to get that car out of here. After lots of struggling he ended up parking it in a neighbor’s driveway and leaving it there, only to return to our front door and knock and try to explain himself. He looked like a young guy and when H answered the door he started to explain how he was just trying to get out of there. The funniest part of the conversation went like this:

H – “Are you drunk?”

Kid – “Am I?” pause “No, I’m not”

And then a long ramble about where he lives and what he was trying to do. Nothing says drunk like standing in front of a large angry man and choosing to elaborate on your story.

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