Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy Autumn

Five months later, I’m thinking I may be returning to the blogosphere. I’ve hesitated writing much as we transition partly because unlike the UK experience, this transition is happening simultaneously for the three of us and it would have been difficult to post and not tell the whole story which could have left H and A not speaking to me in the end! There have also been some things going on at work that were extremely difficult to avoid mentioning here while they were happening and there is no place for that on a blog. I’ll see if I can manage avoiding the landmines.

Lots to discuss and topics include:

1. The beauty around us

2. Our multiple houseguests, all clumped together

3. New high school

4. My trainer, my cholesterol (that kinda sounds like the title of that book “My Body My Self”)

5. What I miss from the UK, what I’m embracing here

One of the things I’ve missed is kick-off of the fall television schedule. There isn’t such a distinct new season of television in the UK. I’m not ashamed to admit it, I love TV. One of the new shows that’s troubling and of course a regional issue is TLC’s Sister Wives about a Polygamous family filmed right here (of course) in Utah. It starts tonight and I will have to tune in at least for one episode. But I’m thinking what a lot of people across the nation are thinking, how are they filming a family practicing an illegal activity and broadcasting it on television?

I’m writing this from our deck, which sits off the back of our house and has a view of the mountains. As I drink my morning coffee, I’m feeling the first heat of morning sun and a chill in the air, a sign that summer is over and dinner and coffee out on the deck will soon be impractical. But every change brings something exciting…looking forward to our first winter in Utah and trying out skiing for the first time. Pray for me. :)


Kristina said...

Glad you're back online!

Anonymous said...

Me Too! Regarding Sister Wives, I understand he doesn't marry the other "wives" they just all live together. He's just got one "til death do we part" wife. According to gawker. Ha!


Anonymous said...

As long as he is paying for all of his kids and the "celestial" wives aren't collecting welfare, it's okay in my book. More power to 'em.