Sunday, June 20, 2010

Moving Into Someone's House

So we lived in a house arranged by a corporate housing agency for two months that was furnished and now we’re in this furnished house for a year at least and I have to say, moving into a furnished house is interesting. It’s as if the woman who lived here packed her clothes in a suitcase, got in her car and never came back. Everything else is here, from Tupperware to laundry soap, to flower arrangements and pictures on the wall. I don’t have the desire to make the space my own because inevitably it would look worse. While I like walking into a room that’s been decorated, it won’t be by my hand, that’s for sure. There are some things in the house that I would never go out and buy that are actually pretty nice. Black velvet-flocked duvet cover at the foot of the bed, I love it! Makes me wonder, do I really know what I like at all, LOL.

We’ve been missing UK television a bit for it’s lack of commercials every 5 seconds and it’s after 9 uncensored programming. Watching Gordon Ramsay with a bleep ever other word is just not as entertaining. But to soothe the longing for UK television there are some remedies. The biggie for me is the new internet capable blu-ray player we bought which has the ability to play downloaded material from Netflix right to the television. I’m in love! I’ve been catching up on the last few year’s SNL episodes which is kind of funny since there are many cultural references of events that have happened in the last three years that we obviously missed.

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