Sunday, April 4, 2010

Day Out in London

Last Friday I think H and I headed into London for the first time ever without any agenda. A was in Paris. It’s funny I have been thinking very romantically about London the last few weeks and how much I will miss it. On the train ride into London I started reading the paper and started feeling very nauseous because we were taking the super bumpy train line. When we got into London we headed to Borough Market for lunch and naturally my first choice was my favourite Greek vendor , upset at the thought that this might be my last visit. My lamb burger was pretty lacking, not the delicious treat I was expecting and as we ate we were harassed by pan handlers. Our favourite cheese shop was extra crowded with less selection. As we left I wanted to have one last glass of mulled wine. I stopped at a different vendor than my usual and got a putrid glass. After two sips, I couldn’t take anymore. The trains were all very crowded and we headed off to the Museum of London, which I had read is one of those great museums that not many people visit. We were not that impressed. They are in the middle of a redesign which opens at the end of April and I think then it will be a place to visit. Now, we spent more time looking in the gift shop than we did at the exhibits.

We then headed off to the Wellcome Collection, an exhibit I have passed a number of times and always wanted to visit. We sat down for a cup of coffee in their café which was packed with people and then started to walk through their exhibit. It was more interesting than the Museum of London and we both wished we had started there because we had to leave early without finishing due to our reservation.

It was a great day because it was just the two of us. But H is no lover of cities, and on the train journey home I was kinda feeling the same way. But by Saturday I was back longing for London.

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