Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Las Vegas for Kids

I have to quote my buddy Meg as that was her impression of sunny Lake Buena Vista. In the past couple of months I’ve found myself at probably the top two U.S. tourist destinations for foreign visitors which are both pretty far off the path of reality. You know any flight headed to Orlando will be packed with small children who need naps. The direct flight from London sounded like a great idea until looking around my fellow travellers at the gate I realized it would be nine hours of small children needing naps. As we were belting into our seats I was in full on envy of one of my seat mates who looked perfectly serene in his Bose noise cancelling headset.

Florida was unseasonably cold, so cold that I saw frost being scraped off of windshields in the morning. And all of us agreed, it’s weird being at a resort working when everyone around you is on vacation.

I caught a little tv here and there before heading out to work. Floridians are up in arms that there are cameras being installed to monitor stoplights and reduce crime. Seriously, let one camera get installed and you could end up living in CCTV nation! :)  Also, the healthcare bill is causing quite a controversy. Listening to some of the arguments like “people who have insurance are happy with their coverage and don’t want to change” made me wonder, are Americans so independent and unlikely to go for the greater good that the healthcare bill will never pass? I also heard that people have been unemployed longer in this recession than any recession in the past. That makes me worry a great deal about all those folks without health insurance for long periods of time.

I walked around Downtown Disney on Saturday and took some pics of some of these treats. I love how something like a caramel apple is taken to the next level at WDW to the point of looking sickly sweet and unappetizing.

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Poodlevania said...

Stitch!!! Love, love, love Stitch!

Last time I was at Disney, I went to O'hana Breakfast at the Polynesian so I could have bacon and eggs with Stitch. Of course, we were the only people there without children...but I didn't care.