Friday, February 26, 2010

We Needed a Little Hollywood...

but we got a lot of London with it. February has been all about work and other drudgery and the weather has been really cold and basically the pits. Some mornings H and I have time to have a cup of coffee and catch up but it’s never long enough these days. Yesterday he was sharing some work annoyances that had me laughing out loud. Sometimes all we can hope for is that our work misery is amusing to someone else. Think of all the great comedy born from someone’s tragedy! My favourite quote about his work lately was that he figured the whole point behind fine dining is to allow the diner to avoid chewing. Everything is pureed, foamed, whipped, etc.

Anyway, so because of February being February, A and I took the train after she got out of school yesterday to go see if we could see a glimpse of Johnny Depp at the world premiere of Alice in Wonderland in Leicester Square. A is just a tad bit obsessed with him in Sweeney Todd, which I’m wondering, should I be concerned by that? :)

There were sooo many people. In fact I have never seen that many people in Leicester Square which is usually swarming with tourists. As we stood there I was counting the languages that I heard: Spanish, Italian, Polish, German, French, and Cockney. Of course you would hear this string of foreign words and then “Johnny Depp” somewhere in the middle. The cockney was a dad whose daughter was standing next to A and would not give up waiting for a glimpse of the celebrities after it was pretty certain they were not going to come as far as where we were standing. His words were something like, “Bloody hell Elizabeth, I’m standing out in this blasted rain any longer!” Yes, it was raining, and cold, and well English. So any Hollywood glitz and glamour was soggy like our shoes. The screams from the crowd were, in A’s terms “Epic”. At one point when Johnny looked to maybe be heading down the line of people close to A a woman yelled out a very serious “JOHNNNNNNNNNNNNYYYYYYYYY”. It sounded a little like a very loud coyote. This prompted a guy standing next to me to double over in laughter.
We thought about heading to Chinatown for dinner before taking the train home but we were both soaked to the bone. The thought of sitting in a restaurant didn’t appeal so we headed home for some hot cocoa.

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Sarah E said...

Can I just say that I love that she used the word "epic"? Too funny and what a great story :)