Saturday, February 6, 2010

Emo Kids, Come One Come All

Anything resembling politeness goes out the window in the train stations of London on a Friday night. A feeble grandmother would probably get pushed down to her death on the escalators if she dared stand to the left, the space meant for people in a hurry. Me, A and her best friend J headed to the Roundhouse in Camden for the Kerrang! Relentless Tour. As I told H when we got home, the price was right, lots of music for the money but to me it was all crap. I saw lots of bored parents hanging out in the back of the venue. The girls had fun and I amused myself with some photography.

The venue has a history and as you can see from the pictures, it is appropriately named.


The Gnome said...

The Roundhouse was where they used to turn the steam engines around. It was developed as a venue for art and music during the 1960's and was a preferred venue for many hippy happenings. I remember going to see Stomu Yamasht'a and the Red Bhudda Theatre perform their groundbreaking Man from the East. Amazing music and thetre ! And now you rush there for emo music !

J said...

Yes! I read all about that in the hallway of the venue, very cool. I'm sure I was the only person interested in the history that night.