Saturday, January 30, 2010

Oh 2010...

If January is any indication of the upcoming year, I think you're getting the better of me.

The night before I left we had a major catastrophe with our washer/dryer. Another downside to the retarded washer/dryer combo machine, if it stops working you have neither a washer nor a dryer!

While we love the space in this house, there is an electrical situation happening in the kitchen that is slowly driving us insane. We are on our second washer/dryer combo since moving in which now doesn't work. Repairman is coming on Monday and I am so grateful that H will be there to deal with it.  When this new one was delivered the installer wouldn't actually install it.  He told me that because it was still connected to the water, he was not allowed to touch it because you never know, he may disconnect it and the whole house could flood.  So when I asked well, can you tell me how to disconnect it and I will do it so you can complete your install he told me that it would be too tough for me to do.  H walked in the door after work that night and had the old one disconnected and the new one connected in about ten minutes.  They have a term for that installer here - jobsworth.

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