Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Brolly in the Snow

Brolly (short from umbrella) - a word that should make it's way across the ocean...

The blizzard of ’10 hit the UK today. H’s work was closed and so was A’s school. Thanks to the wonders of technology, my day charged ahead but just from home instead of an office. At lunch I trudged (seriously trudged with no traction) to the small store nearby to pick up some of the essentials. The bread shelves were bare and the store was very busy. I saw more than one person with an umbrella as the snow was at its heaviest.

What amazes us is that we pay a lot of money every month to our local council (local government body) for things like trash removal, etc. but our street which is not rural will be untouched by a plow or anything.  The sun will be our only snow removal system!

I did get out for a walk first thing this morning.  It was peaceful and beautiful.

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