Thursday, December 31, 2009

Reading Material Over Christmas Break

I’ve found myself reading what feels like the masculine and the feminine of a cook’s memoir this Christmas break. The masculine is Marco Pierre White’s autobiography, “The Devil in the Kitchen”. The book chronicles his life as a driven chef, the youngest British chef to be awarded three Michelin stars, and also an emotionally unavailable man who was damaged by the loss of his mother at age 6. The feminine is Julia Child’s “My Life in France”. If you’ve seen Julie and Julia, you have some idea of what that’s about. The book chronicles Julia’s move with her husband to France and how she fell in love with all things French, especially the food. She also was driven but in a less aggressive way than Marco. Julia never took a knife and slashed the uniform of someone that worked in her kitchen when they mentioned the heat, or at least she’s too much of a lady to mention it in her book, haha!

Julia’s experiences in France transformed her and she felt like she had found a new home. I found myself feeling envious of that experience but it’s my mood these days. No, we aren’t having a Julia Child like experience in England but we are having an experience, and it has involved cooking. :)


Sarah E said...

We rang in the new year by watching Julie and Julia (I read the book a while back) and now I can't wait to read My Life in France. And I was thinking about you during the movie because I think your blog should become a book :)

J said...

Wasn't the movie great? Have you read Julie's book? I think you will really enjoy Julia's book. Thanks Sarah, you are too kind!

Poodlebugz said...

After the first Julia scene, I really wanted the whole movie to be just Julia. I did like the book, but watching Meryl and Stanley was just the best.


J said...

I agree!