Saturday, December 12, 2009

A New Opportunity

H moved restaurants a few weeks ago. It’s a move into fine dining and it is closer to home so that’s an added bonus. His shifts are long, starting at nine in the morning and not ending until after midnight. A and I stayed up the first night to hear how it went. At one point he was explaining a dish he was plating which had about eight different components on it. As he began A was in the room. She left the room and came back several minutes later and he was still explaining the same dish. Upon her return she said, “Why do you spend so much time on something that will be eaten in thirty seconds?” As H says, “Out of the mouth of babes...”.

They had an event at his restaurant Sunday night and I went up and met him so I got a tour of the place, got to meet his boss as well as Jean-Christophe Novelli who came by for support. Chef Novelli has a new show that is airing on Bravo in the U.S. called Chef Academy.

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