Friday, December 25, 2009

The Christmas Season

After working ½ day yesterday, I am now in holiday mode until the 4th, A is off until the 5th and H until the 28th. We have nothing big planned and with the wintery weather and travel problems in Europe I am really glad we are just staying put. A’s friends seem puzzled by our lack of rigid holiday schedule, not needing to be anywhere or do anything but I guess that has always been our tradition, and after talking to a work colleague who seemed angry and stressed that they have somewhere they need to be over the holidays, I am glad of it.

This year once again I tried to get them interested in going to Royal Albert Hall for the Christmas carols and A informed me that she “hates Christmas music”. I don’t know how that happened. Is this a phase?

Here’s a picture of a cake that A made and decorated for a gathering with her friends at school.

To all, have a peaceful and happy holiday season.

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