Friday, October 30, 2009

Who Knew the Entertainment Would Be on the Train

Saturday was a great day. After A got packed and ready for her early train on Sunday, we went to Camden to have some dinner at the market and to see a photography display at Proud Gallery. Camden is full of various ethnic food stalls and I think Saturday A and I did not choose wisely! We’ve had great food there but it is possible to have some dreadful food as well.  The line at this creperie was really long.  I shouldn't have let impatience.get the best of me.

On to the O2 Arena for the Green Day concert and A absolutely loved it. Every time the band talked in between songs, all I could think was wow, they sound so American! On the journey home we boarded the last train of the evening and it was packed. I couldn’t help but notice this young guy, looked to be about 18 sitting about three rows away but facing us. I noticed him because he was so thin that he was nothing but teeth and cheekbones and his skin was a strange color. He was very drunk and very soon I noticed that he was beginning to slowly heave. Yes, in a packed train with no bathroom he began to throw up all over the place. I was so afraid that the smell would hit us and set off a chain reaction. His friend got some napkins from somewhere and then promptly left him alone on the train. Some poor girl who didn’t even know the guy took care of him. By the time he got off of the train, his skin was green and there was a void of people in the middle of the car where he had been sitting.

The funniest part of the evening was everyone’s reaction around the guy. While I felt like I needed to make it a lesson telling A don’t ever do such a thing, the rest laughed at the poor guy right to his face and made comments to him like, “did you eat chicken because I smell chicken”.  A woman near us was musing about all the places she had puked in the city, but she had the decency never to do it on a commuter train!  By the end of it A and I couldn’t stop laughing. There was a young Frenchman on the train and one of the older guys standing near said to him, “I bet in your country you know your limits. See what happens here when the young ones drink here. They can’t handle their liquor.”

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