Saturday, October 17, 2009

Red Velvet Cape

The flimsy red velvet cape first caught my eye, and then the blood dripping from the hand was next. I was standing on the platform in central London waiting for a train out to East London when I noticed this person standing by me. Okay it was early October, is it too early for a Halloween costume, that was my first thought but no this was no Halloween costume. I believe the person that I was looking at was a man. Even though the feet wore beaded flip flops, the face, hands, and feet had a very masculine quality. The hair was making a feminine attempt as it was long and looked like it had been dyed the colour of honey at some point, but was now in a neglected state. She wore a black dress under the cape, and looked very tired and worn out, in fact the only thing that looked youthful was her enviable cleavage that couldn’t be ignored due to the low cut dress. The bloody hand that she kept dabbing at looked suspicious. As we sat down next to each other on the train, she alternated between cleaning her bleeding hand and trying to open a CD she’d recently bought at a record store. What was the CD? It was The Velvet Underground & Nico which has the Andy Warhol picture on the cover. At first I was thinking she might be homeless, but seeing her open the jewel box of the CD made me think she’s headed somewhere to listen to this CD, home I suppose. Everyone sitting around on public transportation has a story, but I found myself very curious about hers.

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Anonymous said...

I've been impressed by your beautiful description of the scene. You made me think of the many eccentric characters I crossed during my frequent visits to London (I'm Italian). I wish I were there, but in a sense it is like I've been there, because you made all very vivid.