Monday, August 31, 2009

That's Entertainment!

I’ve been seeing lots of advertisements here for the E! Show Chelsea Lately. Of all the American shows that they could be promoting here, I was puzzled that this was the one that was getting the treatment. But then at second glance, it fits right in. If you haven’t seen Chelsea Lately, it’s Chelsea Handler and a panel of other comedians (?) going through a list celebrities or celebrity happenings that everyone has a chance to make fun of. It’s actually just like some of the game shows on UK telly.

When we were on vacation we watched some programs in the evening that we normally wouldn’t watch and one of them was one of these game show/panel shows. It’s a game show in the very loosest interpretation. There are always two teams who you think are competing against each other, there might be a non-celebrity with celebrity regulars and a witty host but the only point seems to be either making fun of each of the participants or whatever the subject matter may be. So it’s actually like a stand-up comedy routine for comedians who don’t have enough material for an entire routine, but instead just enough for a quip or two. It’s an extremely popular format here. Once in awhile it’s fine but I like my snark in small doses.

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Anonymous said...

I do catch the Chelsea show when I can. It's a fun watch.