Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Favorite Part of the Trip

We took a very short ferry ride to the island of Kerrera. It was a beautiful day and our only plan was to walk around the island, see some castle ruins and just enjoy the scenery. Our whole time on the island we saw two houses, a tea room and some sheep. It was so peaceful. Not long into our hike A’s iPod ran out of juice and I swear this was the basis for her mood because when she realized our only plan was to JUST WALK AROUND WITH NO PURPOSE she lost her cool. I laughed and said to H that at least her anger at us having to walk all the way back to the ferry fuelled her to walk very fast in front of us instead of falling behind. When H tried to talk to her about enjoying the view and the experience, her only response was, “OKAY!!!” in that high pitched whine that only a teenage girl can pull off.

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