Saturday, June 20, 2009

House Hunting

We have to be out of our house the first week of August. The letting agent has been really committed to keeping us as a client so after just looking at a few places, we settled on renting a house in the neighboring village where A’s school is located. When we went to look at the house that we are now planning to rent, we met the family who owns it. As we talked about where their kids and our kid went to school they said that they specifically moved into this county in order to get their children into the grammar schools. The father looked at us and said, “Mission accomplished” with a smile. It was just another subtle hint about how important the school selection is.

I am trying to be positive about the move but dread moving for the third time in three years. The kitchen has one unit that’s a washing machine and a dryer combined. I’m sure I’ll be posting about how (un)effective that is!

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Anonymous said...

Lawl...dedicated to keeping us as clients. She basically bullied the current landlord into killing 2 weeks of the contract we are on, which we weren't asking for, so that we could take the new place asap.

Guess it just goes to show paying your bills on time and cutting the lawn every 3 months will get you a good referral in the rental market. Just hope the new place doesen't kick us out after a year....soooo hate moving!