Sunday, June 28, 2009


Everyone is asking about our vacation (holiday) plans and there’s nothing to say. The only thing we are orchestrating at the moment is our move next month. A few months ago I was reading the Sunday newspaper’s travel section and in the Q&A a reader was asking the travel expert for advice on planning a trip. The reader said that both she and her husband had been laid off and they had about £15,000 (around $25,000 these days) to spend on a once in a lifetime trip and wanted advice on where to go. They also had a 5 year old child. I had to read this out loud to H because I couldn’t believe that two people who had just lost their jobs would plan such an expensive vacation, unless maybe they didn’t need to work in the first place. I was also amused that the travel writer recommended that they rent a Winnebago and travel across America.
I was recently listening to a Rick Steves travel podcast where he commented that Americans aren’t as rich as they think they are compared to Europeans. So is that why my hairdresser is able to take the month of August off to travel to at least three destinations? I have been wondering if priorities are just different. Do Americans spend more money on the day to day and not vacation as often where here it seems to be everyone’s God-given right to vacation. Something is different. Getting back to my hairdresser, the first time she cut my hair it was half the price as the bill she gave me this second time, so maybe that’s the answer to my question.

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