Sunday, May 17, 2009

Football Sunday in Barcelona

The weather was gorgeous. After drinking two lovely cafe con leches we walked down to Plaça de Catalunya, a big city square where the open topped tour buses operate. Barcelona is bigger than I expected so we decided to get a two-day pass which would allow us to move around the city and enjoy the nice weather. The guy who sold us our tickets gave us some explicit instructions. Get back to this place by 6-ish because all public transport will stop around then since Barcelona would be playing Villareal in the Spanish football title match and they would be having a celebration at Plaça de Catalunya that would bring all transportation to a halt. In his mind, there was no IF we win, they were going to win. Big screens were being put up in the square as well as stages for the band.

As we sat in a traffic jam trying to get back to our final destination at the end of the day we saw riot cops ready for action as well as this young boy celebrating each Barcelona goal with what looks like his grandfather. The game ended in a tie and the party was cancelled. We were disappointed not to see the craziness. All day we had been discussing what we thought the celebration might be like. The woman at the front desk of our hotel said that party would last until the sun came up. Seeing the riot police, one of our group said, "If they set a car ablaze, I'm coming back to the hotel room". Hahaha.

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