Sunday, March 15, 2009

Random Thoughts

I stopped by the library after work one night to once again try and talk myself into reading something. I passed signs for various group activities and they all looked interesting until I read further to learn they were either groups limited to only senior citizens or new moms. What the heck? Where’s the group for working moms new to the area that have no time to make friends but feel the need to have some kind of social connection? I am going to let that go for awhile because the one thing that we abundantly have here on the weekends is family time and it is what I look forward to all week long.

If we ever go out to eat it is usually on Friday nights when A and I walk down to one of the many Indian restaurants in our village and meet H coming off of the train from London for dinner. There’s a wine shop a few doors down so we stop in there and pick out something and take it in to have with dinner. The staff at the restaurant is very kind but reserved. Last Friday night, after a really crappy week I ordered some take out from there because I was so tired I couldn’t imagine sitting upright in a restaurant for the length of the meal. I grabbed a five pound note off of the kitchen counter to supplement what I had in my wallet to pay. When I got to the counter to pay I found out that the reason that five pound note was on the kitchen counter was because it had torn in half, so I quickly tucked it back in my wallet and took out my debit card. The owner, seeing my quick change, said to me, “If you don’t want to use your card you can pay next time, it’s no problem”. It seems like a silly thing but first of all it’s such a small town thing which I have never experienced before in my life, and also it made me feel like less of a tourist. I didn’t take him up on his offer but I now feel no need to try any of the other three Indian restaurants in our village.

My old friend L from the B&B called and asked me if I could pop over for a coffee at lunchtime last week. I have been feeling so guilty that I haven’t been in better contact with her since her injury. I took her soup one day for lunch and then work exploded and I haven’t seen her since. I thought yes, I will go. I quickly texted her to ask her if I could bring anything because I was going to pick up a sandwich and her only response was “chocolate if it’s not too much trouble”. I stopped along the way and picked up some so after I ate my lunch I sat with L and had just a wonderful conversation and a laugh here and there as we ate some chocolates and drank some coffee. She is now in more of a walking cast and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. She can see the silver lining in anything and I so needed that.

These two events will just have to do for the “social connection”.

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