Sunday, March 22, 2009

Our Mexican Fiesta

H and I love Mexican food. It was a bonus that A was born in El Paso, Texas. Leading up to her birth I craved and ate so many tamales that H tells A that he expected her to come out rolled in a corn husk. It is the one type of food that we are really missing here in the UK. Last Saturday night since H was on a school break we decided to make ourselves a Mexican meal. I was responsible for the rice and found a recipe on the Food Network website that really turned out well. Even A liked it and tomatoes were involved! Before we went to the store, I had asked H if he wanted to try making homemade tortillas and his response was, “Are you crazy?” Even he didn’t want to attempt that. I was willing to give it a go since I thought we would get really bad/old tortillas since they aren’t very popular, but thinking about the amount of work, we decided to make tostadas, buying soft corn tortillas and frying them ourselves. The meal wasn’t bad but corn tortillas were horrible. They were a popular brand found in the U.S. but I swear the recipe must be different! Next time I WILL make the attempt at my own tortillas.


Beth said...

I guess I'll have to bring tortillas the next time I come visit.

Poodlebugz said...

Damn, girl--you are adventurous! Making your own tortillas... Let me know how they turn out, because homemade ones are the bomb. Not that I have ever made them myself, but there was a taqueria in C'ville that made their own and they were good.