Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Wellies Get a Proper Day Out

Okay so they aren’t the Wellington brand of boot but I do have something that will do. We went out to our local farm last Saturday and the owner gave us a tour so we could see the piglets and a newborn lamb. She warned us that we needed to wear our Wellies because it was muddy. She wasn’t kidding. Here's a picture of some of the pregnant mamas hiding the baby from our view.

P.S. We do try and throw the word "proper" in for effect (and a laugh between A and me). A said that one of her friends referred to someone as "proper fat" and we've been laughing about that ever since.

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Anonymous said...

One of my favorite things about growing up on a farm was seeing the baby pigs. They make the sweetest sounds. Watch out for their mommies though, they can be mean!

How wonderful that you have a farm nearby and that you are taking advantage of it.