Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Telephone

A week ago we noticed a truck for our telephone service provider down the street. We didn’t quite make the connection but after that, we started getting lots of wrong numbers, all asking for George. One of the callers enquired how long we had had the telephone number because he had been calling this number for four years. We all got irritated over the past week when we called the house and the person that was home never answered the telephone. On Saturday morning at 3am as we all tried to sleep as long as we could before the alarm rang at 5:30 to get B to the airport the phone rang once again. We realized our line must have gotten crossed with someone else’s. It was fixed by Monday but Saturday we were all junk after not being able to go back to sleep after the 3 o’clock call. H did make a lovely breakfast, a modified Eggs Benedict pictured here thanks to our farm fresh eggs. As Anthony Bourdain would call it, this would probably be my “death row meal”.

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Poodlebugz said...

Very Pretty! and yummy looking, jealous of Harley's presentation skills.