Saturday, February 21, 2009

Little Chef

On our way to Wales we made a pit stop at Little Chef for breakfast. It reminded me of an American Denny’s. Last month H and I watched a series on television called Big Chef Takes on Little Chef where world-renowned chef Heston Blumenthal worked as a consultant to this food chain in the hope of making it relevant once again. Here is the link to Little Chef. Here is the link to Heston’s Three Michelin-starred restaurant The Fat Duck’s tasting menu. I think you will see that this was probably not the most sensible match. The show was very interesting. I think at the beginning of the show viewers might have had an image of Blumenthal that changed by the end. He was very pragmatic in his approach, knowing that his Fat Duck menu could not and should not become the Little Chef menu. The breakfast at Little Chef was okay, and since there were no signs of the items that Blumenthal tried to roll out in the taste test, I am afraid the company must not have gone through with the breakfast overhaul. I am attaching a pic of H’s Olympic Breakfast. The fact that this particular Little Chef was housed in a beautiful old building made it a little more appealing than the run of the mill chain location.

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