Saturday, January 17, 2009

An Update

I’ve gotten a few emails checking on the status of the blog. I’ve just been in a mood lately and was saving all the readers from it! I’ve written a few posts but they all sound very whiny as I am sure this one will. At the end of last year I had a case of the blues that I just couldn’t shake. It’s lingering still. H asked me if I was missing home and I quickly answered no, but maybe I was. For the past year I have enjoyed being the observer, not really attached to anything or anyone, just taking it all in. But there’s a price to pay for that. I miss being part of a community, being somewhat settled. I could do that here but I feel like this is a temporary move and that probably creates an unconscious barrier. Maybe I need to stop watching Gilmore Girls reruns because I’m pretty sure a tight-knit community like Stars Hollow does not exist!

I HAVE been missing things about American life. For example buying the bottom priced item here seems to get you crap, where that’s not always the case in the U.S. I know that speaks to America’s buying power more than things being quality American made but it is true. I am still wearing socks that I bought from Target five years ago but a pair I bought and wore here were threadbare in a day. Paying for parking everywhere and then trying to fit a car into space that leaves you no room to exit the car is really bringing me down. I’ve been disproportionately angry at our crappy coffee maker that takes over an hour to brew a pot of coffee. It wasn’t cheap either! Even after de-scaling the stupid thing, it still doesn’t brew any faster. But a few things have turned the world around.

1. We bought a new coffee maker I have totally fallen in love with.
2. Our dearest friend B is coming for a visit in February, yeah!
3. H has now started back to culinary school and this section focuses on regional French dishes. He’s already made some amazing things.
4. A has really gathered a nice network of friends.

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