Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Little Store

H frequents the corner shop on our street. The family that owns it has a son who is probably about eleven or twelve and works the counter quite often. He seems to be fascinated with American life and has a question ready every time H comes in. He asked H last week if there were stores in American where you could buy gold televisions. This made us laugh.

L used to tell me that before she visited America last year the image she had in her head was what she saw on the primetime drama Dallas. It seems like this boy might have the same image. The funniest part about this encounter was that he asked H if his daughter was American. He told H that A didn’t sound American. She sounds American to me but maybe the accent is changing a bit.

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D in cyberspace said...

You know the funny thing is that when I lived in South Africa, my impression of America was exactly that - Dallas.

That was the main influence we got. Now having lived here for over 10 years I know it's something very different.

Maybe the question is not who shot JR, but rather who shot America in the eyes of the world...