Tuesday, December 2, 2008

To Tree or Not To Tree...

We don't have any of our Christmas decorations with us and A has been asking if we are going to put up a Christmas tree. H's quick answer is NO! Me, I'm feeling a mother's guilt but honestly I don't like an impersonal tree and this one would feel very impersonal without our favorite Christmas ornaments. We will see. I am becoming my mother, no lie.

On another note, although we bought a car last Saturday, it has yet to leave the drive. The car was previously owned by a disabled person and they do not have to pay tax. So now that we own it, we have to take it to an office to pay the taxes. But first, we had to have the proper insurance paperwork to do that, which we have been waiting for for over a week. Finally it arrived on Saturday. Sigh. I hope to put in reverse by 2009.

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