Saturday, December 13, 2008

This Blog is Going to Start Talking More About Food

While I haven’t lost any weight since October, I am proud to say I haven’t gained any either. Why am I saying this? Because in October H began the cuisine course at Le Cordon Bleu in London and his practice dishes at home are divine.

I wrote in an earlier post that figuring out how to finish a university degree here when you are ever so close to finishing was proving to be a time-intensive and costly endeavor. Having lived apart for some time last year, we aren’t keen on being separated again in order for H to finish up in the U.S. So he began exploring other options. After looking at a few different programs, and me talking about it with my friend M who went to culinary school, he decided which one to start. The program is broken into three different courses; basic, intermediate, and superior. As of Wednesday of this week, he is finished with basic and will finish completely in July.

While they are using French technique (and copious amounts of butter) they have been making a lot of traditional English food as well. The first exam covered the traditional English roast dinner complete with something called bread sauce that I loved and A and H thought was gross. It was strange sitting there waiting for this very labor-intensive meal while H slaved away but he also had to work on his timing and presentation. All I did was wash the dishes afterwards. He has also learned to make Yorkshire puddings and taught me last week. He’s quite a good teacher.

My friend M said the he needed to blog about the experience. I told him that and jokingly said to him that he couldn't because he'd be taking away my material! A fellow classmate told him about a book called "Sacre Cordon Bleu: What the French Know about Cooking" written by an English journalist who decided to move to Paris with his family and enroll at Le Cordon Bleu. After H finished the book he said there was no point in blogging about it since there is a book written about the experience. I'm now mid-way through reading it myself.

I am including some pictures of some of the lovely meals he has made.

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Steve said...

That looks fantastic! I have to say much more appetizing than the green curry. :)

Not to insult the BILLIONS of curry lovers, I think it's more akin to chewing on different peoples socks.

I'll be VERY PLEASED to try cuisine d'H when I get across the pond!!!