Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Christmas Number One

If you are an American and have seen the film “Love Actually” you know about the Christmas Number One phenomenon in England. In America having the number one record the week of Christmas doesn’t register with anyone, but this article on Wikipedia lists out the songs that have been number one in year’s past. It finally made sense why so many UK artists have Christmas songs.

Of course now that the program The X Factor (like American Idol) ends in December, that program has produced the Christmas Number One for the past few years and this year unfortunately is no exception.

Here’s a number one from years gone by. I’d rather celebrate with this than the current number one.


Anonymous said...

We just watched "Love, Actually" on the Oxygen Channel the other night (it was a documentary about how males behave in an alternate universe). Thanks for clearing up the "Christmas #1" mystery -- now if only we could solve the riddle of why Simon Cowell should be a judge of anyone else's talent.

kristina said...

I love Slade, lol.

Poodlebugz said...

I have Bill Nighy's "Christmas is All Around" on my iPod...I have a *very* eclectic holiday play list.