Friday, November 21, 2008

Where Did November Go?

I left work on time Wednesday for the first time in a very long time and I realized how much I’ve been consumed with it lately. Walking down the high street there was evidence that life has gone on around me and all the shops are decorated with Christmas splendor, hoping to lure in shoppers when all anyone is hearing about is the “credit crunch”.

I feel lately like I’m caught in the cultural divide at work. I was thinking when I was walking home the other day that if I had to summarize American culture into one word I would say reckless, with all of the good and the bad that comes with that word. If I had to summarize English culture into one word it would be cautious, and all of the good and the bad that comes with that word. I’m talking work here, and so sometimes the two colliding can be frustrating.

I was chatting with my friend M last week and he was asking what our Thanksgiving plans were. I told him that since A had school on Thursday it would probably be minimal. His response was something like “wow, you do live in another country!” Hahaha. I am just happy to be with my family on this holiday since last year we were separated. To be with the people who love you, even when sometimes you’re not so lovable, that’s the greatest gift in the world.

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