Sunday, November 2, 2008

What Will We All Enjoy?

Sometimes I envy those families that seem to think with one mind. In our family there are three opposing viewpoints that sometimes meet up with one another, never all three at the same time. So how would we spend our only full day in Edinburgh on Friday? I believe we were able to find a good mixture. Knowing that A would be bored going on the castle tour, we went up to the Castle Esplanade to take pics and see the beautiful view. We did a little shopping and also visited the National Museum of Scotland. Because it was so cold, we also stopped for the occasional hot beverage which is always served with the most perfect bite-sized piece of shortbread.

At some point, we all ruffle each other’s feathers, and I was feeling bad about that until we sat down for lunch and I saw a mom of two teenaged sons go off on them about their behavior. I had to smile, okay we are normal.

Here’s A rockin her tartan print dress as she takes a picture from the Castle Esplanade. I never feel as much like my mother as when I have to tell A to put some clothes on because it’s too cold for what she’s wearing. She had to wear her new dress despite the jeans, hoodie, and winter coat over it and the turtleneck under it.

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