Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Non-Traditional Thanksgiving

I was doing the grocery shopping online and asked A if she wanted turkey for Thanksgiving and her answer very quickly was “no”. With her in school, our holiday will be non-traditional, which as I think about it, non-traditional has almost become our tradition over the years. Our first Thanksgiving was in Germany where we celebrated with our military friends. I remember calling my mom at what was probably five o’clock in the morning U.S. time to ask her how to make gravy. She didn’t sound pleased. One year we decided to go off to a bed and breakfast that had advertised a gourmet Thanksgiving meal. In reality it was the three of us and the owners sitting over a Publix grocery store Thanksgiving meal, transported back in time when racist and sexist comments seemed to be acceptable. Another year we travelled to South Dakota to be with H’s mom. After a few hours of “roasting”, we realized the oven had gone completely cold and so H stood out on the deck of her house and cooked a turkey on the gas grill in -5F degree weather.

As I listen to A try and convince H in the other room that as an American, she should be able to take the day off of school tomorrow, I gotta smile. Happy Thanksgiving!

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