Saturday, October 11, 2008

Me and A at Six

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Gotta take advantage of being close to a major city so I woke up early last Saturday to take A into London to get a wristband to then go to an in-store musical performance of a band she likes. It’s an English band called YouMeAtSix. Then Monday I took her into London for the big event on Oxford Street. Since I had a wristband I was pushed into blocked off area for fans with A. I looked around and there was no one even close to my age by at least twenty years! I told A I couldn’t stand amongst the kids and got out of there. There was another blockade with kids who had not gotten wristbands so I walked up to a girl who had come prepared with her digital SLR and asked her if she wanted a wristband. She was so excited and stared intently as I wriggled it off my hand. Her boyfriend on the other hand was being passive aggressive repeating over and over again how he would just wait for her in the back until the performance was over. She wasn’t listening to a word he was saying. My parting response to him was, “Sorry dude”.

The performance was great, A got her CD signed, and she has been walking on a cloud all week!

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