Sunday, October 19, 2008

America On Every Channel

I was telling a work colleague how I'm getting a bit sick of seeing television shows about America here. From Russell Brand’s reenactment of Jack Kerouac’s On The Road journey to hour long discussions of Hollywood’s impact on the American presidency, it seems to be everywhere. Right now there’s a series on called The American Future: A History, which focuses on a different topic each week. Last week it was an hour long analysis of how Americans truly feel about war. I recorded it, but just don’t have the heart to watch it. Even though we are hated, are people still fascinated? I just don’t get it.

Another current documentary series is called “Stephen Fry in America”. I watched about ten minutes of it last week but again, was just sick of the analysis. However, as I read the tv guide this week, the description of the latest episode caught my attention.

“But the highlight of this leg of the journey is the full-on razzmatazz of a college football game in Alabama, where thousands of fans are entertained by legions of cheerleaders, marching bands and US Air Force jets buzzing overhead. “I really don’t know,” Fry says, “if anything sums up America better. It’s simultaneously preposterous, incredibly laughable, impressive, charming, ridiculous and expensive. Wonderful America!”

When some American work colleagues were visiting last month we had a dinner where the topic of conversation was tailgating and college football. Our UK colleagues couldn’t believe that a college football game could attract so many fans. It truly is an American experience. Roll Tide!


Kristina said...

Roll Tide!

Beth said...

Hey, at least we don't kill each other at soccer matches.

J said...

I ended up watching the program the other night and he didn't just go to an Alabama football game, he went to the Alabama/Auburn football game!