Monday, September 29, 2008

What's Cookin

H has been cooking wonderful meals for us. Yesterday A was telling me about all of the choices she was given for the chicken he was including in her lunch. She said to me, “It’s a school lunch! I don’t care!” This made me laugh. The flip side of this is somehow I have lost all ability to cook. One night, A and I were home without him and we opened the refrigerator and stared into it wondering with a heavy feeling of helplessness what we would eat that night.

The other night I came home and immediately told him that something that he was cooking smelled really good. I walked into the kitchen and saw these beets cooking in red wine and was sorry I said that. I have an aversion to beets, or beet root as they call it here. He had never had them before and wanted to try them once. This preparation made them edible, but I still would never seek them out. I asked him what he thought and his response was “I’ve cooked them” which means been there, done that, won’t be on the menu again. I had to take a picture of them though because they did look beautiful as they were cooking.


Poodlebugz said...

That is exactly why I never trust anything that Tyler Florence cooks anymore...he made this amazing looking roasted beet with goat cheese salad that took too damn much work and still tasted pretty icky!


Anonymous said...

Oh, can you share the recipe? I love beets and goat cheese would be the "icing". Laura Parker