Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What Our Days Are Like...

Here is an idea of what our days have been like since the family’s arrival in the UK.

Wednesday – They arrive about 8:30am. Our first shipment from IKEA arrives at about 9:30am. H puts together our bed, which is the first bed with an actual headboard that we have ever had in our eighteen years of marriage. Some things have just never seemed important. We walk to our High Street (town centre) which is a little over a mile away to get food and back. With jet lag this does them in so most of the rest of the day is sleeping.

Thursday I go into work for a quick meeting. When I get back they are finally moving due to their schedules being severely out of whack. We take the tube to IKEA and we spend over three hours in a store. H and I have NEVER been shopping for that long. We are all completely wiped out by the time it is over. If you have never been to IKEA before, you get to walk through all the pretty showrooms and write down what you want to buy but THEN you have to go pick it all out of the warehouse and put it on trolleys. It was a good thing there was three of us because that’s how many trolleys we had full of flat-packed boxes of furniture. Most of the furniture requires assembly so as we were stacking things up I was thinking about the number of projects H just bought for himself.

We went and got them library cards Friday morning and used the internet and then we went to Hemel Hempstead on the bus in the afternoon. Without a car we are getting a lot of (needed) exercise getting to public transportation. Here we look at televisions and walk around some stores pricing various items. Now that we are all here we need to stop converting everything in U.S. dollars because it just scares us!

I recently read this book called Longitude by Dava Sobel and since we have no television or internet, H read it after me. After reading this book we were both interested in seeing the clocks that were created to solve the longitude problem. They are housed at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich which is also the prime meridian point. So Saturday we went there. While this should have been a nice outing, it wasn’t. At some point each of us was in a bad mood, never at the same time thank goodness. I can’t speak for the others but I just feel exhausted. While I felt a bit settled into English life, setting up house has made me feel like a foreigner once again. More about the Royal Observatory later...

Sunday we needed the internet. Since the library was closed I suggested we go to Starbucks which I thought offered free internet. Well, they don’t and the prices were ridiculous. As we walked down the street we noticed a local coffee shop did, but after we made our purchases, we found out that it was down this particular day. We traveled to my office instead so A could email her “best-ies” as she calls them, and we could shop for a television and internet package. We also did some internet grocery shopping. With a £4.75 delivery charge (a little over $9.00), this is a good deal for us since getting a taxi back from the store would be a lot more expensive. We also don’t have the impulse purchase temptation.

So it’s now Monday and it’s 6:30am. Our purchases from our Thursday IKEA trip will arrive today along with our groceries. We have a list of other things to do today. I can’t wait until we are a little more settled.

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